6-8 players recommended. 60 minutes experience.


The Complex

Part one: the corridor

A face pressed against glass doors reveals a forsaken corridor.

Why would Marcus bring us here, to this nondescript office building?

Why the cryptic ending to an already unsettling email?

Is it a desperate cry for help from a fragile person still traumatized by the infamous events of a decade ago … or is this something else all together?

File Oct 28, 3 02 03 AM.png

Take a deep breath and plunge headlong into a great mystery -- what happened to Marcus?

And what will we have to do to escape The Corridor and gain access to the Facilities Room -- Part Two of The Complex escape room experience?


Every clue will plunge you deeper and deeper into a story you will never predict and never forget.

 The Complex is an escape room thriller, but not scary.
Please notify room host if you have adverse reactions to lights that flicker.
The Complex does require mobility to explore every aspect of the game, but all the essential elements are accessible for most people. Clothing may get dusty. Please Contact Us for details.