6-8 players recommended. 60 minutes experience.


Escape the Complex

Lurking in the community of Fort Carson is a decade’s old dark secret. People went missing and a monster was responsible.

Eventually a local hero — a private investigator — saved a boy named Marcus from the killer’s clutches but Mastaba slipped through the cracks and disappeared into the shadows of local folklore.

A single late night voicemail shatters the silence as Marcus cryptically dregs up the past and says you are the only hope.

Can you unlock the mystery of Mastaba and escape the Complex before it’s too late?


Every clue will plunge you deeper and deeper into a story you will never predict and never forget.


The Complex is an escape room thriller, but not scary.

The Complex does require mobility to explore every aspect of the game, but all the essential elements are accessible for most people. Clothing may get dusty. Please Contact Us for details.

Escape the Complex is a continuation of the Mastaba story but does not require players to have played the Mastaba room prior to experiencing Escape the Complex.

Escape the Complex replaces AND completes old Complex, Pt 1 escape room.