There's no fun to be had in business quite like building a business with incredibly capable & enjoyable friends -- this is especially true when your collaborative efforts revolve around crafting clues and imagining wild new ways to trap people happily in unexpected escape scenarios.


A jack-of-all-trades with a curious nickname, Lee "Wolf" Wilson has worked in construction, photography, higher education, junk hauling, and college ministry. Recently, Lee has developed an appetite for adventure and evasion -- but more on that later.

Lee's focus is building Jackson Escape Rooms through developing our brand profile, marketing the business, and exploring strategic opportunities for developing & expanding the scope of our current services. 

Lee also builds our website, oversees room build-outs, and writes our room scripts.


Instagram: @leewolfwilson

Twitter: @leewolfwilson


Accomplished distance runner

Renowned baker.

Mom extraordinaire.

Union University MBA.

She does it all. Every bit of it. Even her husband, Lee, cannot understand it.

Now, the magic touch of Beth Wilson is coming to Jackson Escape Rooms -- and we will surely all be the better for it.


Instagram: @bethwolfwilson


Our team's native Tennessean, AlLee is the gear box that keeps everything about Jackson Escape Rooms moving smoothly.

AlLee is a Pre-K teacher and wife of Jared (both full time jobs).

Known for her organization, Pinterest posts, and kind heart, AlLee's expertise ranges from event planning to cozy home decor.

She has also carefully crafted the customer experience for Jackson Escape Rooms (so be sure to thank her for her hospitality & thoughtfulness when your escape attempt is complete).

On Pinterest? Follow @alleedauenhauer


The creative engine of Jackson Escape Rooms, Jared is an unstoppable force.  

Jared knows how to get inside your head, make you a little crazy, but leave you wanting more. Just ask his lovely young bride, AlLee, who keeps Jared grounded -- and Jackson Escape Rooms running smoothly.

Jared is a Texan, a proud Baylor University grad, and most recently worked in Student Development at Union University.

And, yes, you've seen Jared before.

His incredible mother-son dance at his wedding reception is approaching 4 million views on YouTube.