6-10 players recommended. 60 minutes. 


Fenn’s legacy was always going to be his art and poetry. Money, even in abundance, was so common and unimaginative. 

Unless it was a huge sum of money, buried away in an undisclosed location, with only the faintest hints leaked in poems, paintings, and obscure video clips. 

With life slipping away, Fenn decided his legacy would belong only to those clever enough to discern the location of Fenn’s Cabin — so he agreed to a quick, rambling, almost incoherent interview on public radio…. 


Your friends have NO CLUE what you are going off about, all they know is that you’ve loaded them into your old van and headed up into the mountains. 

It seems foolish and crazy — especially with a blizzard barreling down — but you’ve got an crazy idea and it could pay off big time. 

Fenn’s Cabin is inspired by real life events.

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