Event Bookings

Unlock a Jackson Escape Room -- your special events will never feel the same again.

Some events are too big to be contained inside of a one hour block. An office gathering requires extra time to unpack & debrief the team building experience. Your family & friends need a little more space to celebrate the special occasion. Your student group requires additional time to consider the implications of what they have learned about themselves and others while playing the room.

At Jackson Escape Rooms, we have the space and flexibility to accommodate the needs of almost any group -- not many venues can provide a memorable & formative shared experience for as many as 45 people playing at the same time.




WORK Events

Whether you are looking for a night out for your sales team, team building for a leadership group, a challenge for your faculty, or just want to invite your customers out for a night in downtown Jackson, we can help you make it happen.

Utilizing our large and flexible lobby area, Jackson Escape Rooms can accommodate a wide range of meeting and gathering needs.


special occassions

Birthday parties, holiday celebrations, anniversaries, and proposals happen every day at Jackson Escape Rooms. 

There's simply no better way to make a unique and unforgettable memory than working together to escape a Jackson Escape Room.

We are happy to arrange your private event booking to allow time for refreshments, presents, and whatever other tricks you happen to have up your sleeves.


field trips

Students groups from all over Jackson and West Tennessee have bused, carpooled, and walked to play Jackson Escape Rooms.

We are the perfect chance for advanced elementary students, middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students to test their critical thinking skills AND have a great time while they're at it!

Jackson Escape Rooms are also the perfect place to give your athletic team an opportunity to work together and bond off of the playing field! 


Church groups

Jackson Escape Rooms are a great addition to youth group lock-ins, Disciple Nows, and can also provide teachable moments to refine group dynamics -- we also provide a great place to mix up the normal Wednesday night or Sunday evening routine.

Escape rooms are the perfect place for Sunday school classes and ministries to get together and have a blast solving our mysteries while working together and building relationships.


Booking Your Event

The standard rate for a private booking at Jackson Escape Rooms includes a private event fee of $60 for each room played by your group plus the standard rate per person to play the room ($20 for 60 minutes making your escape).

To best accommodate the needs of your particular group and event, we handle all event bookings personally.

We want to make sure we get all the details right! So please Contact Us via email or give us a call and we will be happy to assist with arranging your event!

*At JER we do our best to accommodate & adjust to the financial needs of schools, churches, and service-oriented non-profits.