Your oldest brother is such a jerk -- but a mighty clever one as it turns out. 

He has hidden your kid brother's prize possessions somewhere in his own room and has challenged everyone in the family to give it their best shot to figure out where they are.

Something doesn't quite add up about this room. Figure out the missing piece of the puzzle, restore balance to the force, and show this bully brother who's boss before it's too late.





Despite our best efforts to come up with a solution, the Backyard room is not going to be able to make the move to the new location.

Unfortunately, the most important element in the room is a built-in piece that cannot be moved down the elevator or the stairs without being dismantled.

The GREAT news is that we still have FIVE amazing rooms that you can change your booking to!

Thank you for being so understanding as we try to respond to this unexpected change in venue with as little interference with your fun and enjoyment of Jackson Escape Rooms. You all are the best customers we could ever ask for.


Welcome to a room full of ciphers, codes, and mysterious symbols.

Turn a page of history and enter into a room locked in time. Originally, Code Breaker was the study of a World War II code breaker but, years later, we've realized there's more to this place than meets the eye. 

Think you have what it takes to crack this room?





Some people are too smart for their own good.

But very few are too smart to be contained by Detention.

Have you escaped a few rooms already? Do you like to tackle the toughest challenge first?

Detention is our gift -- and our punishment -- for you.

Detention is our most difficult room and not for the feint of heart. But with a little competitive fire, the right friends, and judicious use of clue system ... you can be one of the few to crack the door and escape Detention!


(6-10 players recommended. This room is not ideal for players under the age of 13.)

You deserve a nice meal out with someone special.

So you think.

Your waiter snaps and you find yourself alone with nobody but your partner and nothing but a menu  to keep you company. 

Your surrounding may seem to be a lovely cafe -- but your private dining room is also the ultimate puzzle box!

Can you find the clues you need to solve it and escape?!?


(2 person room. Ideal for first-time escape roomers.)


Two murders perpetrated decades apart.

Same method.

Same motives.

Same murderer.

Can you solve the crime and find the widow's prize possession before the perpetrator absconds?

Pay close attention. Your investigative detail has been infiltrated and the intrigue is on.


(8-10 players recommended)

Ever dream of finding a message in a bottle washed up on a beach shore?

Dreams have a way of turning into nightmares -- as you'll soon find out when you and your team open the door to Message in a Bottle and get a bit more than you bargained for.

Does your team have what it takes to blow the lid off this mystery and come out on top?


Mere child's play? Think again.

You and your group have found yourself the victim of a cruel joke -- a babysitting gig gone amok. 

Mom has gone AWOL and this nursery is out-of-hand. Trapped in mounds of mystery, you've got to get out of this mess before the little stinker blows his top. 

Can you avoid the distractions and resist the temptation to waste your precious time? 

Can you crack the lid and claim the key to your freedom?


Let's get this straight.

Chances are you will never darken the door of this room.

To gain access to the Championship Room, you have to be the best -- you have to be the fastest team to escape one of our other perplexing challenges.

So. If you're playing this room you've earned it, but make no mistake we're not going to go easy on you.

Bring your team and your "A" game to figure out if you have what it takes to rise to the occasion and walk away with the Champion's Prize.

Weigh your options wisely  -- escape is the only way into the Championship Room.

Championship Room opens for play on March 23rd.


Important Championship Room Rules:

  1. First attempt at a room is team or individual competitors only opportunity to qualify for access to Championship Room. Teams and individual competitiors CAN re-play a room, but only for the satisfaction of defeating the room -- they will not be able to qualify for the Championship Room, even if they are the fastest team through on that day.

  2. Teams and individual competitors can earn repeat access to the Championship room -- BUT they have to qualify through different rooms AND they have to attempt the Championship Room on different days.

The bad news

Somehow you've both contracted a deadly neural disease.

The good news

The man who invented the cure has built a special room to quarantine the disease and administer the antidote.

Play this room like your life depends on it -- because it does.


You're tired.

You're working a grueling 16 hour shift and your shift supervisor informs you that you've only got time for a 45 minute break.

Figures. You're tired, hungry, and now you're locked in the break room.  Could things get any worse?

Ding! You get a text from your boss that says she's reallocating personnel from another floor and giving you immediate leave plus a three day weekend.

Now the only thing standing between you and freedom is the locked door.

Can you escape the break room?

You've heard of something like this happening in other hospitals in other cities but never anything like this here in Jackson.

A long-term care patient on C7 recently passed away. 

Rumor has it that she is giving her inheritance away to anybody who can solve the riddle that was her life.

You rush to her room to unlock the mystery and claim your prize ... but this you never could have predicted.