Once you escape a Jackson Escape Room, unlocking a door will never feel the same again!


At Jackson Escape Rooms, we build rooms around a story or theme and invite you to test your wits against the challenging clues, perplexing puzzles, and maddening mysteries embedded in the rooms.

Be warned, you might get addicted to the thrill of the escape!


Your first challenge? Choosing a room.


Every room presents a different scenario and unique series of clues, each more enticing than the next, so gather some friends, family, or coworkers and come put yourself to the test.  


If you've never played before, start with The Jackson Escape Room.  

If you wonder if you can think and thrive under a little bit of pressure, try Mastaba.

Love getting lost in a great story? Try Escape the Complex, which takes you deeper behind the scenes of Mastaba. 

Think you are clever? Try Fenn's Cabin -- it'll blow your mind in more ways than one. 



What do I need to know to sign up and play?

Jackson Escape Rooms operates Thursday - Saturday (see our online booking for specific times). 

Our escape rooms are $20 for 60 minutes attempting to escape the room -- BUT we also offer matinee hours all night Thursday and before 3:30pm on Saturday & Sunday when you can play for $15.

Tickets are available online through our online booking and can be purchased individually or you can reserve an entire room privately for your group. You can also Contact Us if you are interested in arranging a private party or event.

When rooms are available, players can also call in advance to make their bookings.

Once you arrive, our room hosts will greet you in the lobby, check your group in, introduce you to the rules of the game, and you will be quickly locked in an escape room with nothing but your wits & team to get you out.



I'm intrigued, but having a hard time knowing what to expect.

Can you help me out? 


We get it. We really do. That's why we created a great little video to help you get a feel for who we are and what we are about.

Just know this. We made Jackson Escape Rooms as a place for you to bring friends, family, and coworkers to rise above the usual fare and make something special together -- a great escape.


Whoa! Ok. Yes. But what do I do if I still have more questions?


Hit up the Frequently Asked Questions page and see if somebody has gotten to your question first!

You can also feel welcome to contact us at any time and we will answer your queries and get back to you ASAP!